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Venue VJ Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Venue VJ is a DRM compliant (as defined by the copyright holders of this material) music video promotion and distribution service for professional DJ/VJ's, nightclubs, restaurants and other hospitality venue owners, and other non-broadcast professionals who utilize music video within their presentations within the US and its territories for public performances as defined by US Copyright Law..ONLY. These materials are not available for sale to or use by the general public.

Will these videos play in any system?

No, they will not. These videos are encrypted to play only on approved playback engines and on the systems of approved and licensed users. Please refer to the specs of your VJ software for information on this.

Why was my application for service rejected?

Chances are you gave information on your application that did not check out. All applications for service are vetted by a person, not a program. If you gave a false name, a fictitious address, left any required information out, your location was found not to be in the US, or we saw something that otherwise didn't check out, your application was likely denied because of that. You can re-apply, but you must provide complete and truthful information and fall within the guidelines of approved usage as provided by the original copyright holders in order to be considered for this service.

Please note that if you provide ANY false information or you falsely make ANY declaration, i.e. that you are entitled to this service, that you are a non-broadcast professional or you otherwise falsify your acceptance of the Venue VJ Terms of Service , you are committing an act of fraud and we reserve all rights to seek all avenues of legal redress in that occurrence.

How do you get these videos?

All material contained here has been supplied directly from the record labels and/or the original copyright holders of record. This material is aggregated by Screenplay, Inc of Seattle, WA who holds the distribution licenses and oversees the use of this material on behalf of the copyright holders.

I was approved for service, but my account was terminated and my videos now they won't play. What happened?

Venue VJ employs a 'kill-switch' that disables and renders un-playable all of these particular material on an end users system when it detects misuse of these materials. Attempting to copy them, lending other people your account information, transferring the files to another system, filesharing and/or using the videos in any fashion that is out of line with the Venue VJ Terms of Service is grounds for disabling your service and making your videos un-playable. Please, don't try to spoof this system. Venue VJ has gone to great effort and expense to provide you with a seamless service, but any detected misuse will be grounds for your material being rendered unusable.

How do you do that?

Sorry, that is proprietary. If you are an asset provider, please contact us for a white paper on this system and information on how it works and how it protects your assets.

I believe I was terminated unfairly. What do I do?

Please contact us immediately if you feel that your videos were rendered unplayable unfairly or unjustly. If we determine this to be true, we will correct this for you, however please note that this determination is ours alone.

I am not in the US. Can I obtain service?

Not at this time. But we are working to make this service available to you as well. Thank you for your patience.

Can I put these videos up on my web site or my TV show?

No, sorry. And please don't attempt this as it may result in your service and files being terminated. These files will not work for you in that fashion, or in any fashion outside of their original design and any mis-use will be detected and be cause for us to immediately terminate your service and render your material un-playable. These materials are not licensed for web streaming or broadcast as completely different licenses apply.

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